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Why work in oil & GAS

The UK oil and gas industry offers fantastic career opportunities for students and graduates who are looking to work in a fast paced and dynamic industry. The industry has one of the highest average graduate salaries compared to other industries and with amazing opportunities to travel and live abroad, there are many reasons to consider a career in oil and gas.

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Know the industry

When it comes to attending an interview, companies want to see that you know about the industry. Having a good understanding of the industry is also a great way to stand out from other students and graduates when taking part in an assessment centre. However, we know that with exams, coursework and applying for graduate jobs you may be short on time to properly research the industry. Because of this we have created a useful page where you can quickly and easily learn about the industry.

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Job roles

The oil and gas industry is not just for engineers. There are lots of different roles available for students and graduates with a degree in engineering, business, science and maths. Have a read of all the different roles available and find your perfect job.

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Careers advice


Not sure how to write a cover letter or structure a CV? We have a range of articles which are aimed at helping you with every step of the job application process.


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Latest Articles

  • 07 OCT

    Top oil & gas cities in the world

    Oil and gas is a global industry with many of the world's best cities being international oil and gas hubs. So if you are a student or graduate who has an appetite...
  • 02 OCT

    Working Offshore

    Crucial to the UK oil and gas industry are the offshore installations where oil and gas is extracted from below the seabed. These structures are designed to safely and efficiently extract...
  • 07 OCT

    Offshore workers’ Africa video goes viral

    Workers on board the Bourbon Peridot vessel show it's not all work and no play working offshore as they create a video of themselves miming along to the 80s hit Africa by Toto.
  • 02 OCT

    What is Shale Gas & Fracking?

    Natural gas extracted from shale rock formations is one of the fastest growing frontiers in the oil & gas industry and is having a dramatic impact on the global gas market.


To give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job, it is important that you know what's currently happening in the industry. By keeping up with the latest developments from the oil & gas industry, you will be able to discuss any significant changes in the industry, which will really impress employers.


Living in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the energy capital of the UK and Europe, with many graduates who enter the oil and gas industry living and working in the city. Read our guide to Aberdeen to find out all there is to do and see in one of the UK's most exciting cities.

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